Professional Services

Building Renovation, A&A / Minor Works


Change of use and layout in existing premises is common in Hong Kong. The reasons for the carrying out of alteration and addition works (A&A works) could vary from enhancement of physical condition and investment value of a building, to suiting the needs of the owners or occupants.


As an experienced project consultant, we could

  • assist our client in planning, designing, coordinating, monitoring and supervision of buildings works;
  • provide Feasibility Study for Redevelopment;
  • advice on all necessary considerations in connection with building development such as statutory requirements, implications of the constraints and conditions which imposed by town planning board and land department under town planning legislation, land lease and other related licensing issues etc;
  • prepare a design concepts for Client. Upon approval of basic design concept;
  • gather and incorporate the design considerations of other professionals and consultants into the General Building Plan, i.e. structural consideration and arrangement of building services installations including fire services installation, MVAC systems, electricity installations, lift installations, plumbing and drainage installations;
  • act as the Authorized Person (AP) and coordinate with the Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) for submission of building plan and structure plan, and liaise with Buildings Department and other Government Departments such as Fire Services Department, land departments and etc.;
  • act as the building professionals and assist the Client for simplified requirements submission under the Minor Works Control System (MWCS), if the works fall within the designated minor works items; and
  • provide technical competent person to the supervise site works and submission of required documents including certificates, record plan, etc to Building Authority at various stage during the course of works.