Professional Services

Discharge Statutory Order


The Buildings Department (BD) may issues advisory/warning letters or orders under Buildings Ordinance. Common statutory order include Removal Order (Section 24 of the Buildings Ordinance), Investigation Order (Section 26A of the Buildings Ordinance), Repair Order (Section 26A of the Buildings Ordinance), Drainage Repair Order (Section 28 of the Buildings Ordinance), etc. Non compliance of orders by owners or occupants may result in prosecution, fines and/or imprisonment. Furthermore, orders will be registered against the title of the property in the Land Registry and may adversely affect transactions.


We could act as Authorized Person to assist our client in compliance of order:

  • Carry out investigation and to submit the remedial proposal to the Buildings Department;
  • Assist the Building Owner for appointment of registered building contractor;
  • Supervise the remedial works to the satisfaction of the Buildings Department; and
  • submit completion certificate to BD.